Hire in Brazil, great service with fraction of the cost.

  • we speak English
  • we know Amazon
  • and we are remote
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The way works best for you

Project based

Specific tasks you need to be done, we can make it happen.

Managed team

What processes you need to be work on? Let us manage it.

Full-time employee

From $800 - $1000 you can have amazing talent to put your ideas to work.

Roles you need to put your ideas to work

  • Customer Service
  • Content / SEO
  • Social Media
  • Developers
  • WordPress
  • Operations
  • Assets Design
  • Amazon Listing Optimization
  • custom need? get in touch, maybe we can help

We provide training for all those positions.

Are you a brazilian profesional looking for a position in one of these roles? Apply now.

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Clear benefits

  1. build a team with a fraction of the cost
  2. expand your bandwidth and meet your growth targets
  3. make SOP (standard operation procedures) to be followed
  4. similar timezone (+2h eastern; +5 pacific)
  5. e-commerce and Amazon changes fast, we can help you catch the bus

How To Start

  • contact Us about your need
  • we find the right person
  • we reach a deal
  • and there's our guarantee*

60 day guarantee over comission (when it applies)

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